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Migration from Pivotal Tracker to JIRA Software

Client: State of Southern California

Background: Client had been working in Pivotal Trackerfor many years, but recently realized they needed a more flexible and scalable instrument for their development process, so they decided to migrate to JIRA.

Challenge: To migrate multiple projectswith data exported in CSV format from Pivotal Tracker to JIRA. This case had no standard solution, for JIRA and Pivotal Tracker don’t have the interface for migration to each other. We also have to keep the hierarchy and relationships of the tickets and translate it to epics, stories and subtasks in Jira.

Solution: Since there is no out-of-the-box solutions for this, we had to establish a process of exporting the data, cleaning it up and preparing it for import to Jira. Since we need to keep the hierarchy of the tickets, we would need to import the issues in 3 stages. The process was a bit complex and time consuming so we documented each step so that it would be easier to do it again on the next projects that we had to migrate.

Benefits: The migration was completed quickly with the team migrating multiple projects each day since we had a documented process on how to do this. The whole migration project took just x weeks to complete with all data verified correct and complete.

Setup of Jira Project for Procurement System

Client: Docker

Background: Client has been using Jira for a while already and wanted to add a Procurement System in their existing Jira instance.

Solution: The client has approached us with vague details about the new project they wanted to add. We had a consultation with the client and provided some guidelines with what information is needed to be able to setup a new Jira project. After the client has completed the requirements with our assistance, we were able to setup the new project in a matter of x weeks with very minor adjustments.

Benefits: The project was setup with a complete approval system and robust workflow that will support their procurement process.

Customer review: The customer was satisfied with our work that he even referred us to another group in their company who wanted to make use of Jira in their department.

Setup of Jira Project for Executive Customer Engagement

Client: Docker

Background: Client wanted to setup a process around Jira that will easily manage booking and scheduling of customer’s requesting for Executive engagements.

Solution: The client has provided us with some requirements and had some specifications ready for us to implement which made the setup a lot easier. The requirements provided however only covers the screens and custom fields but lacks the workflow and approval process. We setup an approval process which automatically sets the approver based on a selected option on a custom field. We also implemented auto assignment of tasks depending on the transition status.

Setup of Confluence from Scratch

Client: Union Bank

Background: Client wanted to use Confluence to manage all company documentations.

Solution: The client has no experience with using Confluence so we setup a new instance for him and created a Sample Space and provided some guide on how to navigate and create additional pages and other content for the space.
We also setup the permissions as the client requested. This was completed within just a couple of hours.

Setup of Service Desk with Knowledge Base

Client: nxRev

Background: Client has no experience with using Jira Service Desk and is not familiar with what is needed to set it up.

Solution: We had a discussion with the client with regards to the requirements needed inorder to setup a service desk project in Jira. After they have provided us with their specifications, we were able to setup a new Service Desk Project and related KB space for them. Since they are unfamiliar with how the system works we setup a training and walkthrough with the client and provided some documentations that would help the Service Desk Team and administrators in using Jira Service Desk.

Jira Admin Support of Cloud Instance

Client: socionext

Background: Client has solicited our services to assist with Jira administration and support

Solution: We have assisted the client in multiple Jira admin and customization tasks which includes but not limited to below:
  • Creation of filters and subscriptions to send daily reminders to team members of their pending tasks that has not been updated for more than 2 days
  • Setup of Agile boards for the projects
  • Configure permissions for the projects

Setup and Configuration of Jira Server Service Desk

Client: Nextracker

Background: Client has existing Service Desk project with broken workflows and complex setup which requires some updates and fixes.

Solution: We have to setup and configure a new service desk project for the client which includes around 20 requests types with varying complexities which includes automations, approvalsand notifications. Some request types have more than 10 statuses and requires approvals and triggers to auto create other request types or subtasks. We have also written custom groovy scripts to support the automation requirements in the workflows.
The service desk instance includes add-ons like Script Runner, Automation for Jira, JMWE and a number of other add-ons that support client specific requirements.
We also setup the portal using Refined Theme plugin which allows us to customize the portal heavily to meet client specifications.
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